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Best Leadership Online Courses




Best Leadership Online Courses

Developing Leaders – Lead to Succeed

To lead a life is to be a leader in our own capacity.

From the moment that we have been conscious, we have been making decisions which affects us and influences those around us. We even sub consciously change our styles depending on the situation and the impact of our decision.

However, when we talk about leadership in an official setting, there is much to learn and implement in order to achieve the desired outcome.

The leadership skills module takes us on a deep dive of the below mentioned various leadership styles.

1.  Autocratic

2.  Bureaucratic

3.  Democratic

4.  Laissez-faire

5.  Charismatic

6.  Transactional

7.  Servant

8.  Transformational

The module explores situations in which each of the above mentioned styles are most useful.

It also gives us a comprehensive insight into Situational Leadership which in itself is a nuanced aspect of leadership, which briefs about the dynamics between a leader and a team member at various stages of development. It even talks about read leaders and their styles to understand the topic better.

The understanding of leadership is incomplete without simultaneously exploring team work. The module takes us on a journey of how teams function and what are some important team work lessons we need to keep in mind.

We also understand the concept of Strokes, which are nothing but a unit of recognition and how strokes affect personality and interactions.

The module carefully establishes differences between a leader based on a title ascribed and a leader who is naturally an influencer. This is a module which is explorative and introspective in nature. It encourages the participants to observe people around and pick up lessons of leadership.

The learners have the benefit of assessing learning by taking up the post assessment provided at the end of the module.


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