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Soft Skills Development Courses


Soft Skills Development and Management

One of our most popular verticals, the courses we offer recognise the value of soft skills to function as a truly successful professional in the industry.
In an increasingly digitally networked world, where the probability of miscommunication is more likely, the demand for professionals with competent soft skills is at a premium. For an organisation to function at premium, establishment of good enduring work relationships is necessary best practice in order to remain ahead of the curve. MindParkour recognises the importance of soft skills development as a key domain area in our endeavour to upskill young learners and professionals alike. Current industry demands professionals who can communicate well to create an environment of trust and dependability, which further aids team building and the taking on of leadership roles within an organisation.
At MindParkour, soft skills training is offered in the following pathways :
- Institutions: Campus to Corporate
With our holistic approach, our aim is to equip learners with agile competencies in soft skills development and management in order to make them interview ready and therefore industry ready.
- Corporates:
For corporate professionals, we offer advanced courses in the areas of:
  • Leadership
  • Mindfulness
  • Spiritual Learning
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
Training Model: Long Term Engagement
Mode of Delivery:
Hybrid/Blended Model:
- 70 per cent of training delivered via simulations and hands-on-learning.
- 30 per cent oftraining includes classroom time, where learners deep dive into theoretical aspects of Information Technology as a knowledge domain.
Unique Training Practices:
As our initiative towards establishment of organic experiential learning environments, we emphasise the following:
  • Interactive,learner-led, active engagements
  • Participatory process initiatives
  • Case studies immersions
  • Real life simulations: Mock interviews, GDs, Café Conversations
  • Scenario building
  • Presentations
  • Peer Learning
In our endeavour towards continuous assessment as a tool to measure learner progression, learners are assessed in three phases:
- Pre-Assessment
- Training
- Post-Assessment
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