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Interview Skills Development




Interview Skills Development

Cracking a job interview is make or break for a person’s career, especially if one is a fresher.

How do you build your resume to be shortlisted?

How to prepare for an interview?

How to make the right impression in an interview process?

What are the questions to be prepared for?

How to conduct yourself appropriately upon being selected?

The above are just some of the questions or challenges that one has to be prepared for, when facing an opportunity for a job interview.

Being prepared for an interview is not the process that starts upon getting the opportunity to attend one. The process starts during our academics itself. It is elaborate and should be a calculated from the second we have a career goal.

A huge part of cracking an interview involves selling our potential, which is possible only when we know our strengths, weaknesses, interests, values, skills, motivations etc.

The Crack it like a Pro module provides an immersive learning experience involving much needed introspection and analysis, apart from providing detailed requirements of knowledge to be procured and ways to be prepared.

The module includes:

1. Resume building

2. Group discussion and related tips

3. Preparing for an interview by knowing the job, the company and self

4. Types of interview questions

5. Ways to answer the different types of interview questions

6. How to prepare with respect handling nervousness, things to carry and how to conduct oneself on the day of the interview

The module also covers aspects of business etiquettes that are important to sustain a good impression and conduct oneself professionally. How to dress, how to behave in meetings, how to conduct them, how to assimilate to the company’s culture when it comes to using phones and writing emails are some of the topics that will be discussed under it.

The module ends with a Post Assessment that helps with gaining insight of the concepts learnt.


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