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Decision Making Course


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Decision Making Course

As humans, one of our key features is that we are always thinking and feeling, whether consciously or sub consciously. This means, that we are consistently calculating, weighing our options and deciding on things.

There are barely any situations in life when we are not dealing with a problem, albeit, in varying intensities. We understand how thinking, feeling leads to action and results, and how the awareness of this concept assists in defining our problems accurately, in order to be able to decide on the solution appropriately.

The decision making module establishes clear guidelines in being able to identify the root of the problems and defines various techniques with examples on how these problems can be solutioned by making a well thought out decision.

Concepts that the module deals with, in relation to identifying problems and dealing with them are:

1.  Fish bone diagram

2.  Flow charts

3.  5W’s and 1H

4.  6 thinking hats

Below are steps in Decision Making that the module deals with:

1.  Defining the problem

2.  Identifying decision criteria

3.  Weighing the criteria

4.  Identifying alternate course of action

5.  Rational and optimal decision making

The module also explores the various traps we may fall into while making decisions. To be conscious of the below mentioned traps, will help us in making rational decisions and not be influenced by factors which are detrimental to good decision making.

1.  Anchoring trap

2.  Sunken cost trap

3.  Confirming Evidence trap

4.  Status-quo trap

5.  Estimation and Forecasting trap

The end of unit assessment in the module will help in assessing the learning garnered by all the participants.


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