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Communication Skills- Listening Skills




Communication  Skills Classes Intermediate

Communication Intermediate is a module which dives deeper in understanding the various components that are involved in our daily conversations and discourse.

While we converse in various forms every day, we have taken for granted the elements involved in doing so. By focusing on all the subliminal units of communication, this module aims at helping each one of us, identify our essence of communication and makes us aware of the areas that we could be focusing on, to improve our efficiency.

This module picks up from where the Communication – Basic module concludes and explores the role that words, verbal and vocal elements, and body language plays in our speech. Details related to how the tone, pitch, word stress, volume, speed at which we speak, matter are discussed. It also unravels factors such as silence and pauses’ influence the discourse. We often use silence and pause as synonyms, but here, we learn the difference and how to use them differently for our advantage.

The intermediate module then looks at the different styles of communication that exist. While, there isn’t a right or wrong style, it does explore the nature and characteristics of each of these styles and recommends what works best in a task oriented set up such as an organization. It even goes a step beyond and helps us with tips and tricks to enhance our usage of the recommended style of communication.

Another important aspect of focus in this module is listening. Out of the 4 fundamental elements of communication, i.e., reading, writing, speaking and listening, the latter most element is the most ignored but also, the most in need of usage. Hence, this module unravels its importance and ways in which listening can be improved and practiced.

This particular module emphasis enhancing communication at a professional set up, based on how well we understand self and those around us, with whom we work in collaboration to complete set targets.

By the end of the module, one can expect to assess self in the post evaluation and can definitely expect to have gained more awareness and knowledge on specific areas that matter and need attention, in order to become better orators.


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