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Communication Skills- Read Body Language & Enhance Presentation Skills




Online Course to Improve Communication Skills-Advanced

The Communication advanced module, as the name rightly suggests, is curated with the objective of developing and enhancing our communication skills, over and above the usage of words and tone.

When we hear the term communication, most of us think about words and jargons. However, a fact worthy of acknowledgment is that communication, for the most part is influenced by body language. This module dives deeply in understanding the many layers of non-verbal communication.

The focus here is comprehending the role that body language plays in our life everyday and how the same can be read and controlled in our favor.

It is said that our facial features alone can emote thousands of expressions. What to some of the basic expressions mean and what is the role that they play in congruence to words and the tone we use, while communicating is an aspect we can expect to thoroughly understand and appreciate via this module.

The following are aspects of non-verbal communication that the module covers

1.  Proxemics – Communication through proximity maintained

2.  Haptics – Communication through touch

3.  Chronemics – Communication through time

4.  Chromatics – Communication through color

5.  Olfactics – Communication through smell

6.  Oculesics  – Communication through eye movements

7.  Sign Language – What different signs mean in different cultures

8.  Kinesics – Communication through movement and expressions

Apart from understanding body language and its impact in details, this particular module, also delves in ways of bettering our presentations skills. We understand how we should prepare and present data, along with the ways in which we can influence our audience the most, while we make the presentation.

By the end of the module, one can expect to be well equipped with information to be able to identify certain aspects of body language in self and others, along with interpreting it. This module paves way to making one curious in wanting to further explore and observe the impact that the various elements of communication, has on every minute of our lives.

The module ends with a post assessment, giving the participants an opportunity to self-assess and determine way forward


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