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Can we gain interpersonal skills through books?

Remember the famous saying of Stephen King, “Books are uniquely portable magic.” Indeed, reading books can do wonders for our life; it is the most effective way to learn and discover new things. But does it apply to learning interpersonal skills? Let’s unwind the truth about the development of interpersonal skills.

It is not an exaggeration to say that interpersonal skills lay the foundation for being a better human. For instance, how you interact with your seniors or treat your subordinates in the workplace tells a lot about your personality. And if you are an aspiring professional, good interpersonal skills can help you stand out among the pool of aspirants.

Reading books can help us gain interpersonal skills!

Now the real question is can books shape your interpersonal skills? Well, many successful leaders agree that self-help books are excellent options to get out of social anxiety disorders. As many aspirants face such anxiety, especially introverted ones, they struggle to improve their social or personal skills.

All self-help books have inherent qualities to motivate the readers. They present some evidence-based stories so readers can enthusiastically take a step forward to go beyond their comfort zones. For instance, someone with poor communication skills can refer to some good grammar and vocabulary books to help build knowledge. Similarly, if someone is willing to improve their body language, there are endless options for it.

So, if you are an avid book reader, you can reward yourself with extensive knowledge about interpersonal skills with this small habit.

Books vs Online Training Courses

Comparing books with anything else is pretty tricky! But, when it comes to learning interpersonal skills, we have to think one step ahead to shine with a definitive victory in our careers. Let’s compare both side-by-side to find the final answer.

Pros and Cons of Books

  • Diversified knowledge: Reading books is already a great personality trait in itself. It helps you discover extensive knowledge about various interpersonal traits. You can explore some factual evidence about social and life skills and learn from it.
  • Better accessibility: Considering the price points, books are cheaper than any online certification course. Therefore, it becomes accessible for aspirants to gain knowledge readily.

But, the real lock is – you can only gain theoretical knowledge about interpersonal skills. Perhaps it may not help you apply those skills practically. Here, an interpersonal skills course online really becomes beneficial!

Perks of the online certification programme

While most people develop certain personal traits throughout life, interpersonal skills can also be taught through online certification courses. The reason is interpersonal skills combine personality traits with other social and life skills that you need to apply to be a part of a healthy organisational environment.

You must join interpersonal training courses because of the following reasons:

  • Professional courses will provide you with excellent audio and visual resources apart from reading materials. So, you can build evidence-based knowledge even if you do not enjoy reading.
  • Online courses are structured in a way that practically pushes you to develop personality traits while joining online communities, social groups, etc.

If you are seeking a trustworthy online training course for interpersonal skills development, Mind Parkour is just beside you. By enrolling in our soft skills training programme, you will be able to master professional communication, learn the art of pitching, develop leadership qualities, and many more. Count on us to keep yourself away from making common career blunders!

January 20, 2023

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